Setzer Pharmacy offers a wide line of medication for various ailments, available in tablet, capsule, powders, drops, liquids, sprays, ointments, and suppository forms. Our medication drugs include:

Pharmacy Medicine

These drug types need the supervision of a pharmacist to be procured to make sure the medicine is appropriate for your condition and age factor.

Prescription-Only Medicine

These drugs prompt for the need of prescriptions form your physicians and doctors to be bought.

Branded and Generic

Medicines sold in the market typically has various names by the company who formulated them, hence the brand. But when the time comes patents on medicine run out, other companies take advantage of selling the same drugs under their generic names.

As for you, it depends on which you choose and trust, which may be influenced by some referrals and media advertising. Whatever it is you opt for, we have it.

Over-the-Counter Drugs

These are medications and drugs on the general sale list, encompassing mainly those which are treatments for common ailments that don’t generally prompt for advise from GP’s or pharmacists.

Example for such are common cold drugs, pain relief, minor headache, etc.

For more information on product availability, please contact us.

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